Tuesday, August 19, 2014


  1. A well known technique authors utilize to ADUMBRATE a tragic scene is through storms or other natural weather disasters.
  2. Many tribes of the early world era worshipped several APOTHEOSIS'S in the form of statues or idols.
  3. One of the many traditions of monks is to live in an ASCETIC manner and focusing entirely on self enlightenment rather than the pleasures of the world.
  4. My grandma always purchases me BAUBLES whenever she visits a new town or scenic view.
  5. The most useful advice my brothers have given me is how to BEGUILE my parents into allowing me to do what I want without sounding demanding.
  6. The assignments I've been given so far have BURGEONED faster than I expected, but I'm hoping they soon slow to a leisure walk as college applications creep closer and closer.
  7.  The designer captured the feel of a bohemian look with the use of turquoise walls to COMPLEMENT the earthy hues of the room decor.
  8. The CONTUMACIOUS attitude of the eldest child in the daycare rapidly dispersed among all of the other kids creating a problematic rather than a problem-solving atmosphere.
  9. The CURMUDGEON group of gangs caused an aura of hostility in the prison air rejecting any sense of security despite the extravagant amounts of guards, fences and searches. 
  10. His DIDACTIC tone mixed with the knowledge of understanding makes Dr. Preston an ideal teacher for students who desire to learn. 
  11. The DISINGENUOUS nature of the little boy who cried wolf caused the villagers to not respond to his desperate hollers. 
  12. The lawyer EXCULPATED the false accusations towards the victim by exploiting evidence to the judge, proving his innocence. 
  13. The poor girl's FAUX PAS was the the talk of the school until another embarrassing blunder between the teachers and principle surfaced the gossip pool.
  14. The music FULMINATED the speakers throughout my house creating vibrations that encompassed their waves around the bottom surface of my feet.
  15. The dresses were horribly uncomfortable and looked like FUSTIAN rather than polyester, but the bridesmaids didn't complain when they realized how happy the bride was with her choice.
  16. Mr. Darcy was widely known as a HAUTEUR  but to his closest acquaintances, a nobleman with a kind heart. 
  17. Some drugs INHIBIT the nervous system cells causing a decrease in thought process and body actions.
  18. My mom told me to stop with the JEREMIADS and that I wasn't going to the concert.
  19. There are no limits in ethical moral when an OPPORTUNIST begins striving for a goal.
  20. Many dictators create laws with an UNCONSCIONABLE manner, only looking out for their own needs and benefits rather than the people's.

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