Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My University

So the first day of our "independent learning" I was absent but the second day I was present without really being present, if that makes sense? lol To be honest I didn't really do anything because I forgot there was a sub but she didn't really explain to us what we really had to do besides what she "thought was a good idea for a blog post" which I still didn't really understand what we were doing. But that wasn't her fault since we're supposed to know what we need to do and work diligently, but the fact is that I can't do anything in a class where we can do whatever we want without a teacher's presence giving me guidance to stay on task. One thing I hate though is wasting time and that's exactly what I did today, but I know tomorrow I'm at least going to do my homework in class whether it's math or english or whatever. I'd say the first day was not very successful in productivity, but just like everything else, it was a learning experience that taught me how to be more prepared for the next day.

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