Thursday, August 28, 2014

That "Awakening" Moment

Today I watched the news for the first time since probably the 8th grade. The number one thing I noticed is how much negativity has flooded the majority of the news being broadcasted: Americans being murdered and held captive in Syria, the corrupt "training" practices of the American army, Ebola reaching almost 20,000 cases and unjust policing throughout not just the world but also history. It made me realize how sheltered of a life so many of us live in. Although Ferguson has dominated the headlines lately, we fail to recognize how many similar stories are happening right now throughout the country and the world that no one is doing anything about. 

In my opinion, the lack of attention these other stories are receiving is due to the lack of people standing up and calling out the wrongs of society. Participants in a movement are just as (or maybe even more) important as the leaders who start these movements. Without participants a leader wouldn't exist, as they don't have anything or anyone to lead. The more people experience this "awakening" moment, the more awareness will be brought to these mislead minds. The only way to enforce this is to become a participant and spread the word and stand up to make a difference instead of taking the news in one ear and out the other.

A friend of mine introduced me to a man named Alex Jones, whose focus is on exposing the real truths of the government and the world around us in his radio show, YouTube channel and website, InfoWars. Many may see him as a man just trying to start a revolution or uproar while others see him as a man simply telling the ugly truth that no one really likes to hear because they'd rather act as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening in our world. The sad part is that many of us won't do anything because of the simple fact that none of us are directly affected by these tragedies therefore we're more indifferent than ambitious to make a difference. In result, my goal is to open the eyes of the blind and widen the path of the narrow minded in order to preserve what beauty we have left in the world for our future generations. Just as you wouldn't leave your family or friends in a desolate, violent block with no protection, you wouldn't want to leave your descendants in a corrupt, dominated world. Stand up and embrace the awakening moment by taking action.

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