Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Random Thought of the Day: What else is out there?

When you look up what do you see? A blue sky, the sun and maybe an airplane or bird. But if you think about it, all we see is the simplest of images looking "up" has to offer. How then can something so far stretched and foreign as the sky look so simple? When the sun sets, we see the stars, moon and even locate a planet or two that looks so far that it's impossible to think of it as anything more than just a pretty picture. Which raises the question of what else is out there? From research we know there's the solar system and sun that are within the galaxy called the Milky Way. But research has hypothesized that we are not the only galaxy in the universe. The thought that we are probably nothing but an atom compared to what else there is beyond the atmosphere is amazing. When we bring it down to an everyday life level, we revolve our life around things like going to college or getting to school on time but in reality, those things literally don't matter at all when we look at the bigger picture: the universe.

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