Monday, August 25, 2014

The Importance of an Organized Mind

So today I realized the number one problem I have: balancing my time with my to-do-list. I tend to create a huge chore list for myself and at the end of the day I realize I've either completed half of a task or didn't even start one. Today I pin pointed that problem when the day came to an end and I had half my room clean, half my laundry done and half my homework done while my book never got checked out of the library and my workout of the day got replaced by a bowl of cereal. When in the middle of a task, I find myself trailing off into another task that comes to my attention before I can forget about it, which creates a whole lot of incompleteness that creates more work for me to do than I had planned. Therefore I've challenged myself to the "Less is More" concept. The key to balancing time and tasks is to focus on only one task at a time instead of looking at all of them at once. It may seem like a small challenge but for my mind that tries to complete a million things in one hour, it will definitely be a new experience. If you share the same scattered brain as me, here's some tips from author Margaret Moore on how to organize your mind to get more done in less time.

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