Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Random Thought of the Day: Owning Your Life

Is your life really your life when you're letting people and rules/regulations dominate it? When I say "your life" I mean in an ownership sense where you can do whatever you want with it like becoming a scientist or just sitting at home doing absolutely nothing for your entire life. Which brings the realization that your life IS your life BUT with restrictions. It's like an infinite pool that has no restrictions by a wall but when the water overflows it gets recycled right back into the main pool, believing it's free yet ignorant to the bodies of water that flow freely throughout the world with no constraint holding back the natural direction of waves. As an individual we may do whatever we please with ourselves, IF it's pleasing to the society surrounding us. We are free to become scientists, doctors and other careers that benefit the people. But if someone chooses to be a couch potato or hoarder their whole life, it's unacceptable because it's not beneficial to anyone but the individual themselves. In result, interventions, psychologists and family members try to change this person into becoming "suitable" in the world. Is it right to try and change someone who's happy with life and doesn't cause any direct injuries to anyone just because society doesn't see it as "civilized"? Civilized can be seen in a numerous amount of ways just like life styles can be perceived in an even more extravagant amount of ways as either good, bad, beneficial, etc.. I don't believe anyone can truly force someone into changing their life style because what I perceive of an individual can be completely different than what you see or what that person sees when they look in the mirror. In conclusion, I believe we can own our lives but to a certain extent before our surroundings begin to influence our ways of thinking and acting, creating one big world of cliches.

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