Friday, August 1, 2014

My Big Question

Why is "fitting in" so important in today's society? This world is not one puzzle to be "fit into" rather a plethora of random size and shaped legos to be joined together to create an assortment of diverse masterpieces. Just like a 2 by 2 lego can't be a 4 by 4 lego, nor can a person be exactly alike although they can fit together to create something new. Why do people worry about fitting in yet they all claim they want to be unique or different? People obsess over being so different that they all end up seeking the same type of difference which, ironically, turns into a monotonous trend. "Different" has greatly lost it's value as it becomes such a loosely used word nowadays. So the real question is this: when will people learn the significant difference between being "different" and being themselves as an individual?

1 comment:

  1. This is a great question. "Fit" and "fitness" are loaded concepts. In my work as a management consultant I often heard executives say they wanted to hire a candidate who would be "a good fit"-- this raises the question: What is the candidate supposed to fit WITH? What kind of a culture are we building? Fitness, on the other hand, is something I see as a more individual trait. In Open Source Learning I emphasize five types: Mental fitness, Physical fitness, Civic fitness, Technical fitness, and Spiritual fitness (which I am also quick to remind people has absolutely nothing to do with religion). Looking forward to exploring your question with you!