Monday, August 18, 2014

Reflections on Week 1

  1. The fact that I don't have a phone is an obstacle and inconvenient because I can't work on any assignments when I'm not near a computer on my free time or at school. I'm also having difficult realizing if I'm able to balance work, school, college scholarships/applications and my social life this year with all the assignments I was given the first week in all my classes. On the plus side, it is just the beginning and I know things will eventually die down and I will get into a routine sooner or later; or at least I'm hoping!
  2. In fifth and sixth grade my teachers (Mrs. Kalin & Mr. Sturgell) utilized the Odyssey of the Mind educational program where we collided with the other teacher's class to form about 10 different groups. Once a week we would all go into the cafeteria and do a series of math, literary, creative writing, physical structuring, skits and many more diverse problems and activities with our group and depending on who finished each activity the quickest and most accurate would receive points. At the end of the year we had a final activity where we built a structure made out of nothing but newspaper and we had to strategize how many people we could fit inside. The following year we had to construct a slide made out of school supplies (paper, rulers, pencils, etc.) which we placed on a table and used to try and roll a ping pong ball into an empty milk carton on the floor. When the year ended, the team with the most points would win and receive a trophy. This program really changed my perspective of education because we learned how to strategize and work in collaborative groups outside the textbooks. I really enjoyed the fact that it was a very hands-on learning approach, which is how I learn the best personally. This experience really taught me how to think more creatively and most importantly burst out of my extremely shy bubble, which benefited me the most even to this day. It was a learning experience that I will never forget because my love for learning began to take root those 2 years.
  3. I'm most excited to think at a college level not just academically but in the collaborative, open-mindedness way. To be able to think outside of the box and look at the big world picture rather than what only my vision always me to perceive. In a way I'm also terrified of the amount of assignments and effort I'm going to have to put in. My only concern is that this class is going to consume the majority of time where I could be spending studying for other classes or preparing for college such as the applications, scholarships, letters of rec and personal statements. I really am enjoying this class despite the amount of assignments because I can feel the aura of the understanding of life and the desire for learning and sharing new knowledge. This class is going to change my outlook on the resources I have around me including the internet and people around me, I'm also hoping it will help me accurately utilize these resources I acquire to help my academic survival in the world.

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