Monday, December 8, 2014

W.A.R. (We Are the Revival)

Ignorance is not bliss in our current world today. The unbelievable amount of negativity drowning our social medias, news and life in general is shocking. But there's also a spark of hope within the chaos. Hope that maybe the people are becoming more aware of the seriousness of situations hidden from the world's eye, which is not entirely the "government's" fault like citizens claim. Part of the blame can be casted on the government but the control they have upon the people is caused by the people themselves; submitting to the government's laws and systems and rules and regulations and police forces. People believing they can't do anything. Recent news reports have given hope that citizens can overcome anything if we really tried and supported one another against a common cause.

Acts of police brutality have circulated the country and the world and american citizens have created protests events. This happens all of the time; some act of inequality occurs, some people protest, then it gets shut down. The only difference this time: it's no where near dying out with the amount of people protesting not only within America's walls but counties all over the world.  "Wake up America" isn't just applying to the police force or the individuals holding an office in the government or the picket sign holders crowding the streets. Lawyers, teachers, librarians, stay-at-home moms, retail employees, delivery men: this is America. We are America. The most vital citizens of America are the students because we are the next generation. The protesters have set up the stage for a movement, it's up to us to continue that revolution. How can we sit and do nothing about the chaos happening in our own country, while foreigners across the world protest with picket signs saying "America, the world is watching" and protesting against our own police and government. Get up and educate yourself, then you can complain about how the government has failed us. Don't trust what the news and others tell you, figure it out for yourself then stand up and make a difference. This generation is full of great leaders, educated or not. We just need a boost of self-confidence and motivation to get this world changing train going.

 I believe the world is changing and there's going to be a movement in this lifetime and I can't stress enough the importance of becoming aware of what's going on around you. Even though it doesn't affect you directly right now, I promise you it will in the coming years. These protests have become too numerous and strong for it to die out without a change in the system. In fact, the people have become stronger while the top leaders (more like dictators) have become weaker. Think about it: the true colors of the police force have been revealed and American's trust in them have taken a deep dive. Citizens have began to rebel because they've finally realized the security we've been trusting in is actually a twisted pawn to the game the system's been playing. The government trusts police to contain the people, but without the people's trusts the police have no power. We are the ones who give the government power and authority, not the other way around. We have the authority to make a change if we wanted because citizens outnumber the government officials by a significant amount. Security is dwindling and things are starting to get out of hand sooner or later the government is going to drown in it's own sea of power without Americans submissiveness keeping them afloat.

It's also important to remember that violence is not the answer, its the problem. Violence is what started this all in the first place. Just like you wouldn't answer a problem with a problem, you wouldn't "fight for peace" which has irony written all over it. Instead we need to revive peace. It's time to break the stereotype that our generation is "lazy and apathetic." Our generation just doesn't take anyones bull shit therefore we do what we want despite what adults think we should do or how we should act. But that's what makes us great leaders, the fact that we can stand up against what we don't like and create our own persona whether it's created through tattoos, Miss Me jeans, a loud mouth or a blunt personality. The people need to trust in us to mold a new world but most importantly we need to trust in ourselves and one another that we won't allow each other to fall without a fight. So don't just join the movement. Be the movement. We are the revival.

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