Thursday, December 4, 2014

Senior Year Highlight: Senior Panorama

Of course I would be the one running to my senior panorama picture from across the football field last minute. The funny thing is that I was the one to remind our senior class president to post about it so nobody would forget, but of course I would and not go to school that same day! It was definitely a record getting ready and mobbing to school in under 20 minutes after receiving a text reminding me. I loved the fact that half the senior class started chanting "Bree! Bree!" as I hopped the back fence and ran around the football field just to stall the cameraman from taking the picture without me. Even the cameraman said "we're all waiting on you." Never will I forget that memorable moment of realizing "I made it" every time I look at that picture. I'm glad a gave everyone something to laugh about today! That was definitely one for the books.

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