Monday, October 13, 2014

Nature's Essence (phonar)

The drive home from Santa Barbara was a peaceful journey that created an aura of content in my vacant car. I can still hear my radio blasting my Las Cafeteras CD I had just bought from my UCSB outreach program. The weekend felt long in the moment and short in the memory but it was one of the best college visits I had that year especially since I was able to see my best friend Angela after months. The joy I felt in the car as I drove was reflected in the image my eyes captured as I coasted down the 101. The evening sun was sitting just on top of the distant mountains smearing the blue sky with its orange and pink glow, the silhouette of the hills outlined the border of my vision and the desolate green pastures blew in the fresh wind, the outstretched road looked never ending but I didn't mind because I've never felt at such a balanced state with my life and one with nature. This was the moment I realized that I was autonomous and felt the most joy when I was alone with nature and I loved the gift of natural beauty God gave us on earth. The scenery was too beautiful to even take my eyes off for a second and the moment was too precious for a camera to capture its essence and value.

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