Monday, October 6, 2014

Character Study

This past year has been one hell of a maze with its dead ends, twists and turns, I thought to myself as I slumped into my burgundy couches, but I've finally made it out of that first level. The view of the serene woods encompassed my vision as I stared out the window recollecting the journey that brought me to my new life in Santa Cruz...

The tears tickled my cheek as they dripped down my distraught face. What am I doing with my life? I thought as I looked at the untouched pile of homework. That drive for learning had slipped from my grasp as a severe case of senioritis kicked in at the worst possible time. While college applications opened up, my motivation shut down and carelessness was a new attribute of mine. 30 minutes later and I'm still sitting here crying because reality ransacked me, HARD. That's it. I stood up, wiped my tears, grabbed my purse off the coat hanger and walked out the front door, determined.
"Where are you going!" My stalky brother yelled after me.
"Crazy!" I hollered back to him.
Truthfully, I had no idea where I was going but all I knew was I was going to get my motivation back one way or another. I hopped in my silver bullet car and hit the 101 heading north.
The evening sky had dissipated into complete darkness when my phone began ringing off the hook. "Mom" *buzz buzz* "Mom" *buzz buzz* I ignored the calls and shot my mom a text saying I was okay and I'll be home tomorrow. I knew this wasn't going to be pretty when I got home so I turned off my phone and continued to drive into the unknown. I decided to pull over when my eyelids turned into 10 pound weights. As I pulled off the exit, a sign read "Cambria." Cambria! The most scenic town I've ever been to, although it has a complete different vibe when the sun goes down. I parked in a little dirt parking area next to the beach and crawled in my back seat to lay down. The flow of the waves creeped through my cracked windows and sung me to sleep.
The next morning, I beat the sunrise and continued my drive up north. After a couple hours I reached Santa Cruz and decided to stop at the college since I've never seen it before. The atmosphere hit me like a bullet, the peacefulness of the rustling trees and the smell of nature encompassed my whole being. I walked around the campus awed at the structures of the buildings that contained more windows than wall. I sat at a bench in front of the library taking in the beauty of the peace I found. At that moment I realized this is it. This is where I belong, at college in this earthly town. I began to feel the motivation mold itself inside of me as I thought of my future and the steps I needed in order to achieve my dream.
I began walking back to my car with a bounce in my step and a goal to be motivated by. Just as I walked into the parking lot, I see my AVID class all piling out of a charter bus.
"Hey!" I shout as they all turn and look at me.
"What are you doing here!" Chrystal comes up to me and asks.
"Oh yenno I thought I'd just go for a little drive."
"You weirdo you would!" she says jokingly and punches me in the arm.
After greeting the whole clan, Mrs. K tells me to tour the school with them before I leave. I agreed without a fight and strolled around my future school one last time before heading home and getting back on my school grind.

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