Friday, September 5, 2014


The scholarship I found was (of course another no essay scholarship) from WellsFargo College Steps Program. All you have to do is fill in some general information about yourself and hit submit and voila! You've been entered into the drawing where 40 people are chosen to receive $1,000 each. Simple scholarships like these are easy to knock out while applying for colleges so you don't overwhelm yourself too much like I tend to do A LOT. I know scholarships are gonna take up a good chunk of my time because of how frugal I am with money but also because a college education is no where near cheap, unless you put in the effort to apply for all the free money out there. My goal is to try and cover at least a third or maybe even half of my total costs for attending college through scholarship funds. I know this will be time consuming but as long as I put in the effort (which to be honest I've been lacking lately) I can achieve my goal. Time to kick it into gear and begin this roller coaster fully suited and prepared.

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