Thursday, September 11, 2014

Beowulf Essay

Beowulf is best know as a classic hero that was and still is passed down from generation to generation despite its significant era difference. The context of the story is revolved around an idolized hero that saves the lives of civilians being troubled by a demon, Beowulf accomplishes this by expounding leadership through his dictatorial decisions rather than democratic and also being a generally fearless man. Beowulf can be compared to another legendary leader that also exemplified these heroic traits and palliated racial demons that haunted the people, maybe not through a sword and armor but through the strings of a guitar and echoing of a microphone. His bravery, influence and sense of security has given Bob Marley the legendary heroic position. Both characters knew exactly what it took within themselves to aid their people from chronic imprecations and they knew just how to do it, because of this they have been regarded as great heroes of their time.

Although they differ greatly from a nutshell perspective, both Beowulf and Marley both had the same intentions: save the people from bondage. Beowulf created security through the destruction of Grendel with weapons and armor while through music Marley was able to create a movement to save the damaged spirits of African Americans struggling with the demons of racism and inequality. Each action caused a reaction of the creation of peace within the community and the individuals. Without fear of what their movement might cause, both heroes acted fearlessly, this fearlessness caused the people to look towards the person as iconic figures. There determination and relatable ideas caused a massive talk of their influences. Since they were seen as people who stood up against the fight rather than submitted to defeat, many people looked up to them to exemplify the courage they wish they had. The actions each hero succeeded from defeating a terrifying demon to the fight for racial equality and world peace greatly influenced the people of their time and continue to be praised to this day.

Despite their internal conflicts and struggles, Marley and Beowulf were able to put away their personal problems for the sake of the greater need: the people. These men acquired their noble qualities and good deeds through selflessness that benefitted the people's good rather than their own, giving the idealistic example of a meritorious hero. 

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