Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What is time? (Journal)

Time. T-I-M-E. There's an infinite amount of time yet it's treated with such scarcity, why? Time ticks and tocks, comes and goes, fast and slow. Time is the epicenter of all productiveness and one star among the galaxy of nothingness. Why is it that every aspect of our lives from birth to death is all measured in time? The space between the second we're born to the second we take our first couple of steps is even measured down to the day averaging between a year give or take. Our days in school are categorized in play time, work time and lunch time. Who has the power to say our work time is limited to second-specific measurements of time or if we should have more work time than play time? Time is the ultimate dictator since the beginning and will rule until the end when it decides to be no more. Without time, humans have no sense of direction or guide. Time's ultimate goal is to set up barriers between each human's actions and interactions from tests to a season of growing. It's ironic how there can be such an unfathomable amount of time yet seem like there's never enough. Time is categorized into so many sections based on the amount per day, night, week, year for an overwhelming series of sleeping, eating, thinking, working, playing, talking, expressing, creating, discovering, writing, decorating, getting ready. There's too many categories established for one to feel there is enough time for one specific task especially for people like me. We spread ourselves so thin we're the width of a strand of hair because we try to take on anything and everything that turns into the majority of our time stressing about stress resulting in the completion of, if we're lucky, one or two items on the wall-length list of to-dos. The cock on the wall says "It's Time." It's time for what? Time for learning? Time for earning? Time for nothing? Time for everything? God, time drives me mad.
We are all limited by time, no matter how much we posses. But in contrast, without us, time would cease to exist. We give time the power to rule our lives, we give time the power to even exist.

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