Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lit Terms #2 (DEFINITIONS)

circumlocution: a roundabout, indirect or lengthy way of expressing something; periphrases

classicism: the aesthetic principles or qualities regarded as characteristic of ancient Greece and Rome; objectivity, formality, balance, simplicity, restraint, etc .., generally contrasted with

romanticism. Knowledge of the art and literature of ancient Greece and Rome, classical scholarship

cliche: an expression or idea that has been trite, overused by society

climax: the final, culminating element or event in a series; highest point, as of interest, excitement, etc ..

colloquialism: colloquial style, quality or usage (informal speech)

comedy: a drama or narrative with a happy ending or non tragic theme

conflict: to be antagonistic, incompatible, or contradictory; be in opposition, clash

connotation: the act or process of connoting (to suggest or convey in addition to the explicit or denoted meaning

contrast: a striking difference between things being compared

denotation: the direct, explicit meaning or reference of a word or term

denouement: the outcome, solution, unraveling or clarification of a plot in a drama, story, etc ..

dialect: any form of speech considered as deviating from a real or imagery standard speech

dialectics: art or practice of examining opinions or ideas logically, often by the method of question and answer as to determine the validity; logical argumentation

dichotomy: division into two parts, groups or classes especially when these are sharply distinguished or opposed. The phase of the moon or planet in which just half of its surface facing earth seems illuminated

diction: manner or expression in words; choice of words; wording

didactic: morally instructive or intending to be so; too much inclined to teach other; boringly pedantic or moralistic

: like dogma; doctrinal; stating opinion in a positive or arrogant manner

elegy: a poem or song of lament and praise for the dead, as Shelly's "Adonais"; any poem, song, etc .. in a mournfully contemplative tone

epic: a long narrative poem in a dignified style about the deeds of a traditional or historical hero or heroes(Odyssey, Iliad)

epigram: a short poem with a witty or satirical point

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