Tuesday, January 20, 2015

All That David Copperfield Kind of Crap

Salinger refers to David Copperfield's life story as cliche tragedy novel, where the character's life alters from a fairytale to nightmare. He states "all that David Copperfield crap" to enlighten the reader that no this is not a story that unfortunately turns into a tragedy but a tragedy from beginning to end. That fact that Salinger's diction and tone is more of a raw thought rather than a literary correct sentence supports Dickens unique approach at connecting with the readers through the natural flow of thoughts that aren't cut off by corrections from the grammar nazi.
Dickens remark towards one of his own novels through Salinger evokes the thought that Dickens is trying to make a statement that his work is all unique within its own covers challenging the reader to isolate the author's reputation from the story. In this way, readers are able to grasp a whole different meaning from the context and establish a character in their minds using the techniques utilized in the novel. Dickens style revolves around uniqueness, his approach at writing aims towards a diverse range of stories, themes and characters.